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 The Divine Mercy Message and Devotion Prayerbook
Latest edition 2004.
Our most popular and detailed prayer book on the message of Divine Mercy and the life and prayers of Saint Faustina. It contains many inspiring prayers and has new material explaining how Divine Mercy is really at the heart of the Gospel and Church teaching. It has colour photos of St. Faustina’s canonisation, Pope John Paul II’s visit in 1997 to her tomb, plus much more. Almost 50 years of research in this prayer book.Highly recommended and features laminated front cover!
90 pages.

Ref: BKL-M17a (2005 Edition)
 Jesus I Trust in You

Selected Prayers of St. Faustina. This is just not one more devotion, just another booklet or picture.It's incomparable with anyone or anything. The Devotion to the Divine Mercy is determining the destiny of the world, the destiny of humanity.
(Franciszek Cardinal Macharski) Krakow Poland.

This 64 page prayer book on The Divine Mercy is most up to date and has itself been published by the Congregation of The Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy, the order to which Saint Faustina belonged.

It has some very beautiful prayers of Saint Faustina's that other prayerbooklets do not have. It features words of the Holy Father Pope John Paul II, the life of Saint Faustina, the Devotion to the Divine Mercy according to the forms given to Saint Faustina and selected prayers from Saint Faustina's Diary.
Available also in other languages in the Foreign Languages section.

Ref: BKL-4

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