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 Divine Mercy - No Escape (Revised Edition)
With Helen Hayes and introducing Melanie Metcalf as Sr Faustina. Featuring the life of Saint Faustina. Includes a special presentation to His Holiness Pope John Paul II and a special appearance by His Eminence Francis Cardinal Macharkski.

Available now in multi-zone DVD
or available for Australian DVD players

Ref: DVD 1

[ $24.50 DVD]
 Time For Mercy

Don’t miss why now unlike any other moment in history, is the Time for Mercy.

Join Joseph Campanella as he explores provoking questions such as, “Are the events we are witnessing simply a quirk of nature, or is what we have seen just a small sample of what is yet to come?” To many, the signs of the times seem to be crying out to us with an urgent message.

In this DVD you will witness remarkable footage and ultimately be challenged to decide how important these divine revelations are for you and the world. 65 minutes.

Ref: DVD 2

[ $27.50 ]
 Mother Teresa

This is the story of one of the most influential religious figures of the 20th Century, Mother Teresa.

She was a missionary, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, a symbol of goodwill and selflessness.
A strong willed woman and shrewd diplomat, a charismatic figure and modern-day saint whose only mission in life was to show the love of Jesus to the poor, the sick and the forgotten. Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu was born in Skopje in 1910. She grew up in the Balkans, the bloodiest site of European nationalism, and yet became an apostle of love beyond borders.
In Calcutta, she taught in a convent school for two decades before founding the Missionaries of Charity.
Mother Teresa died in 1997 and was posthumously beautified.
With the intense and relentless work of a lifetime she succeeded in Mother Teresa is played by Olivia Hussey.

New Release May 06

111 minutes

Ref: DVD 3

[ $28.00 DVD]
 Sister Faustina, The Promise of Mercy
This was the promise of Divine Mercy given to Sister Faustina by Our Lord Jesus Christ: “Souls who spread the honour of My mercy I shield through their entire life as a tender mother her infant, and at the hour of death I will not be a Judge for them, but the Merciful Saviour.” (Dairy 1075)
This moving and beautiful video leads us through the ‘Chaplet of Mercy’, a form of prayer specifically requested by Jesus in His appearance to Sister Faustina in the 1930’s. Jesus also asked her that whenever possible the faithful should make the Stations of the Cross. Now for the first time on video, you can pray this wonderful devotion, with pictures and prayers for each station beautifully presented, to help you follow devoutly the Way of the Cross.

Ref: DVD 4

[ $22.50 DVD]
 Karol - A man who became Pope
The story of the man who would become Pope.

1930’s Poland. 10-year-old Karol Wojtyla has dreams, many dreams. One by one they are shattered. First, by the loss of his beloved mother and brother. Then, by the outbreak of the war and the death-fleeing human exodus which ensued. And finally, by the first signs of the Jewish persecution.

These events will mark the start of Karol’s long journey from worker, to poet and teacher. A journey full of encounters that eventually leads him to become a priest and finally, in 1978, to become the man we all now know, a man who has marked an era, a man who has made history. Pope John Paul II.

With an extraordinary soundtrack by multi-award winner Ennio Morricone.

186 Minutes.

Ref: DVD 5

[ $32.50 DVD]
 The Good Pope, John XXIII
Pope John XXIII was a man born from humble origins who became the most influential Pope of the last century. He was a man of modest character who influenced the world of politics at the time and revolutionised the chruch. In his short time as Pope, John XXIII touched the hearts of many and was commonly known by the people as “The Good Pope”. 136 minutes.

Ref: DVD 6

[ $19.50 DVD]
 Therese - Special Edition

Heralded as one of the most inspiring films in recent years. Therese recounts the life of Therese of Lisieux, the most popular saint of modern times. A bourgeois girl from a Victorian French family, Therese journeyed to Rome to beg Pope Leo XIII for permission to enter the Carmelite monastery at the unheard-of age of 15. Through the rigors of monastic life, she made the surprising yet simple discovery that holiness can be achieved by small acts of love and compassion – a spiritual path she called “Little Way.” This film is a beautiful retreat into the world of a remarkable young girl who fell in love with God. A drama of tragedy and triumph, Therese presents the true story of an ordinary girl with an extraordinary soul.

New Release May 06

Imported from the U.S.A Must have multizone DVD player.

This Special Edition also contains:
* The Making of Therese
* Deleted Scenes
* Featurette
* Trailers & TV spots
* Special Full-Colour booklet included

Running Time: 96 minutes

Ref: DVD 7

[ $45.00 DVD]
 The Story of Jesus
The most historically accurate film about the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ based on the Gospel of Luke. Specialist teams worked painstakingly for five years researching the clothing, architecture, customs and food of the time to ensure the film’s complete accuracy. This movie was filmed on location in Isreal in biblical settings with a cast of more than 5000. 120 minutes.

Ref: DVD 8

[ $25.00 DVD]
 The Life and Times of Sister Faustina
Tripple Feature!
For the very first time in Australia released on DVD, this is a new compilation of three popular films on Saint Faustina. (i) The Apostle of Divine Mercy (1 hour) , (ii) Saint Faustina - The Promise of Mercy (30 minutes) and (iii) The Beatification of Sister Faustina (30 minutes). An excellent compilation!

Ref: DVD 9

[ Excellent Divine Mercy viewing for only $37.50 ]
 The Celebration of Padre Pio
Tripple Feature!
Again for the very first time in Australia released on DVD, this is a new compilation of three popular films on Padre Pio. (i) Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry (1 hour), (ii) Padre Pio’s Way of the Cross (40 minutes) and (iii) San Giovanni to Heaven (35 minutes). Excellent informative and prayerful viewing for any Padre Pio devotees.

Ref: DVD 10

[ Excellent Padre Pio viewing for only $37.50 ]

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